Jan 7, 2013



Well since I posted about my mom's 87th birthday party she has been living here , then in the hospital & now in the nursing home.

poor old soul.. she fell FOUR times at her apartment in just one day.
 the last time the ladies on her floor called my sister , Julie ( RN) & she took her to the hospital. there they found out she had a UTI .. she was put on meds & came here on snowy cold Friday night.. mom weighed a tiny 96 pounds !
She was very ill.. & really didn't improve on the meds.
then after  week she got up about 11 pm & fell/ slumped over the counter  in the bathroom .. so I held her & brought her to the floor.. she let out a loud breath & her eyes were dilated.. really scary for us all.
Gracie & I put a pillow under her head & covered her in blankets.. Hubby called the unit. we patted her face & told her we loved her. I was sure this was it..
long story short.. she spent a week in the hospital , chged her meds.. gave her iron.. & fluids.. & finally got her temp down.  she looked so much better & really could carry on a conversation again..
All of us kids made the hard decision to put her in the Nursing home. I would have rather had her here with family around her. but the simple act of her getting up to use the bathroom in the night was scary.. during the day she couldn't manage it with out help .. SO HOW she did it in the night was beyond me ! :-)

today grace & I went up to take a few more shirts & a pair of shoes.. she has a bright room & a wonderful room mate.. plus she is right by the nurses station :-)
she was talking well.. still wants to go home.. LOL .. but agreed that she couldn't manage alone.. I told her not to worry about it & to take it one day at a time ..
I said we can still do all the things we did before.. go for rides.. shop  & all :)
she agreed..
 Mom has kept a journal since about 1940 something.  they are so interesting..
she had wanted us to type them all out .. LOL why ? I don't know.  But grace & I are starting.. mom had given me 1962 years ago , so we started with that year.
the cute thing is.. on most days she ends with " & it was a nice day ".
I said when we are done.. we will title it , " It was a nice day " & as the subtitle it will read.. " and a Nice Life " .

well take care.. & kiss your loved ones tonight..


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