Jan 9, 2013

it was a nice day :-)


more about mom :-)
My Mom who turned 87 Dec. 5th 2012 has  moved into the nursing home. she knows it is the safest place for her.. even here I couldn't be awake all night to stop her from falling.. SO it is with a heavy heart I relent & she goes in.
She is making the best of it .. that's all we can ever ask.

I know , she is elderly. I see it in other people's eyes.. I know
her memory is not good enough to see her through a day alone.
I know her days here on earth are short . ( I KNOW heaven awaits).

I KNOW.. in my brain.. but my heart.. ?
 it's still my mom, the mom that taught be drive at 13 down an old dirt road in the 1970's green pick-up :-)
The mom who taught me to crochet, sew ,  do laundry & scrub toilets :-)
the mom who stood by me when my mistake gave me a baby at 17:-)
The same mom that told me to Stand up Straight.. mind my manners & to
respect my elders..
The same mom that taught me to say my prayers,
& when others seem to desert me.. He is always there.

So I KNOW !! but it's hard .
hard to relinquish her to old age & allow others to do her daily care .

As I touched on the other day :
Grace & I are entering her journals into our computer.. what a task ! I think the oldest ones were circa 1940's :-)  I have yet to find them all. SO we are starting with 1962 .
My father, Lavern Smith , worked at the grain elevator in the 50s & 60s  & he also sold Hail Insurance, he didn't use the yearly calendars .. so he gave them to mom.
each day section is small.. so she didn't have space to day dream or write extensively.
just enough each day to give her story.

As Grace read them aloud & I typed on the keyboard.. she would laugh & say.. Know what Grandma said next ? I'd say no (:) she'd reply.. & it was a NICE DAY ! :-)
when , if , we ever get them completed.. I think  I will title them..
"And it was a nice day.. (& a nice life:-) "

well off to do some washing. ( I can still do that for mom :-)

God Bless,

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