Jan 14, 2013

commnt to win a knit !! :-)

Good Monday Morning ,

Mom is still in the nursing home.. she is SO frail , but her mind is pretty good..esp when she remembers to turn up her hearing aid .. silly mom..

be sure & stop by her easy Artisan Bread post.. perhaps I should bake some today .. yum..

Sunny & cold this morning .. thankfully we don't have to go anywhere ..
Tuesday I have a teeth cleaning , not a bad thing for sure. but hate to be exposed to sick people :-)

what are you doing to stay healthy ?
eating healthier , vitamins, washing hands often, using anti virus gels ? do you wipe the cart handles at the stores & do you stay out of the stores as much as possible ?
I know when states put out a Epidemic warning , it's simply to allow the shots to go to certain groups of people.. usually the young & elderly .. makes sense.
Hubby reminded me last night that he hasn't been sick for 6 yrs ! wow..
I had forgotten that, good for him.

I do all of the above to some degree.. the Vits I take are :  multi Vit , vit D .. plus I drink the lemon water every morning.. not sure that has anything to do with it. but it makes me feel good.  always yogurt .. :-)

comment to this post with your hints & I will draw for a surprise gift :-0
hint: knit item :=) I will draw from the names next Monday :-) the 21st .

Hope you have a great day !
God Bless,

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