Dec 13, 2012

Mom's 87th with pics


my mom , Alice, just turned 87 on Dec 5th..
she is still going ......... a bit slower then even 2 yrs ago..
She was so happy to have some of her family around her.
we had the party in her building , so nice to be able to use that room & to have access to the kitchen.
very nice.
Me, Karen, Julie, J. Grace, Daisha
 Julie, Me, Mom , Mike, Karen  My oldest sister , Linda wasn't there  & of course my brother Dan.
 Some of the 15 grand-kids
 The "out-laws : )
 some of the Great G kids :-)


Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Happy belated Birthday to your mom. She looks happy to be surrounded by her family. Wishing you a blessed and happy New Year.
xx, Sherry

gracielynn's said...

thanks so much for your kind comment. she did enjoy the day very much.