Aug 20, 2012

stain remover.

Stain remover , from ehow..
& sunny simple life :-)

So here it is:
Homemade Laundry Stain Remover
1 part Ammonia
1 part dish soap ( It called for Dawn but I had Joy, worked fine)
1 part water.

I just mixed in an old stain remover bottle.
Edit to add that I spray on and toss in on mild stains but I bring out the big scrub brush for tough stains. And a WARNING do not mix with bleach. Ammonia and bleach make a reaction that is very bad so I do not use this in a bleach load. Thanks to a reader for reminding me of this. I knew this but wanted to make sure you all do to. I have never had a problem but wanted to share this.

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