Aug 20, 2012

Great blogs to ck out & a bit more .


it's a beautiful morning here on the west coast of Iowa :-)
cooool , which we love ! after record setting highs ALL summer & the Drought ! wow ! we can sure use the cooler weather , our chickens & yard are thankful too..
to keep the ckens somewhat cool this summer, we put frozen water bottles in their waterers.. I can't stand to think of an animal unable to get water.. so we had several pans around the yard too..

I was reading some great blogs this morning.. wow, some young women are just so talented , like with some great links to other bloggers .. so many ideas , so little time ..

one gal I like to read had others commenting about selling your produce from your back yard.. one lady said her neighbors were fined 5,000 for doing so..
I know that some cites are forbidding growers donations to shelters & even the homeless on the streets ! Don't you just LOVE BIG GOV . ? NOT !

another commenter said you weren't allowed to sell canned products w/o a kitchen inspection ( GOV) & a licence (GOV) ..
I commented to her that in most states ( so far :-) , if you sell DIRECTLY to the consumer , you do NOT have to be licensed.. or have a kitchen inspection..
I'm sure if we get ( God Please NO !) 4 more years of this communist prez. we won't be able to sell anything Anywhere !

But on a lighter note.. Gracie is driving ! she forgets most days that she can drive & doesn't go out much.. But I know once the routine of Fall & classes elsewhere, she will be running her car ragged I'm sure. My mom is 86 & unable to drive. So she gave her car to Gracie.. :-) VERY nice of her for sure !

we are off to purchase some kitchen groceries for the church & hopefully do a bit of shopping for tote making :-)

God Bless, & Have a great day !

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