Jul 4, 2012

Happy 4th !


As you may remember this time last year by Mom , Alice, was still living here .
The weather was NOT as hot a year ago, so we all went to our local county Parade.
The parade was the typical American parade.. ( With a lot of BOOING when the Dems drove by , first time in my life I had seen that. guess people clingin' to their guns & Bibles aren't real found of O / Dems )
We all enjoyed our seats in the shade watching the floats & chattin'  with those we rarely get to visit with . We had lunch of hamburgers & chips on the grounds .. & came home to a bit of TV , a lot of dessert & a nap before hitting the pool in the afternoon.

 but this year ? Nope..
Mom is content to stay put this year.. she said it is too hot.. her apartment is cool & besides the managers are grilling & so her hamburger will be served to her :_)
we aren't going either, first time in years. it feels a bit like playing hooky from church .LOL, but then again it is suppose to be 101 F on the west coast of Iowa today with probably 80% humidity . just plain soup !

      The Chickens are surviving the heat , bless 'em. With about 25 NEW chicks, the Mums are pretty busy keeping track of them during the day & of course defending them from this mean old lady bringing in food & water ! GEEZ ! Anybody (Gray Mother cken ) is a VERY protective Mum . talk about biting the hand that feeds ya ?
      I put Ice in their water in the form of frozen ice bottles.. they have plenty of shade around the yard , under the fir trees & in the line of tall trees round the south of the coop.  We are VERY happy that we spent the time & Money putting in a 12 foot tall fence round the coop & expanding it size this spring.. it allows us to leave the coop door open & shut the yard door. The Ckens then cool off as much a "chickenly" possible :-) thank heavens !

Hubby is going to cook on the smoker today, youngest dd, Gracie is going to bake a jello cake , so I am taking the day off ! :-) ( yea..right :-) LOL

Well take care , stay cool , drink plenty of WATER & hug your family :-)

PS Knitting must still be done .. :_)

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Bev said...

Hey Lisa, thanks for stopping by! :) Yes, we finally got another one on the way, we have waited for about 6 years for this to happen and we are so happy! I still follow your blog in my reader but don't get to comment often. Hope you are well, enjoy your summer! :)