Aug 23, 2012

easy ice tea

Good Morning :-)

Years & years ago I had a Ice Tea maker. yep.. they were out there.
just something to $buy$ & make tea like never before ! LOL
well ,Tea hot or cold has been brewed for centuries,but I bought into the 'better mouse trap" trap..
I can't remember what happened to it now.. hum......maybe on the last
move I must have ditched it.. ( I Hate 'machines' sitting on the kitchen
I do make Hot tea,, no special equip needed :-)
Coffee? yep, but in an OLD non electric coffee pot.. I do have to use
electricity to boil the water ..LOL.. but then I just pour the hot water
over the grounds & wait.. it's really no slower then other coffee makers.

The other day I had boiled water in a pan & threw in tea bags.. let it
steep a while & then poured it into a pitcher & added ice.
A light bulb went off in my head ( Don't you just love it when that happens )
I realized.. ALL I had to do was boil water in my Sunbeam ( just boils water)
pour over 8 tea bags in a pitcher.. steep.. remove the tea bags & fill the
pitcher with ICE ! :- ) Cool.. just like the old machine used to do & at
no 'new' cost to me :-)

that's my Aw HA ! moment for the week :-)

A homeschool mom we know is going in for an MRI Thursday.
she has had terrible headaches in the back of her head..
her hubby called the ER last Sunday night.. they told her it was probably
just a migraine.. SO on Monday she called her Dr. & over the PHONE
she was told to get an MRI on Thursday. & that it was probably a TUMOR
or an Aneurysm ! HELLO ! ??? On one should be told that OVER the phone .. & so then what.. continue life as normal? drive the car? be alone with the kids ? who knows what could happen ? ! Her headaches aren't as bad this week, but she is driving her kids around for their appointments as stuff.
but gee ! I just can't believe a Dr would make such a statement over the phone..
SHe used to be our dr too..

well that is our excitement for the day..
hope you are all doing well ..
please comment if you read this far.. I like to know this is more then a private journal & someone reads it :-)
also post info about YOUR blog.. I'd love to see what you are doing too.


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