Jan 12, 2012

knock , knock , anybody home ?


Well how is every one ?
We were put back into WINTER yesterday in Our  great ole state of Iowa..
after a day of sunning myself on the back deck in 60 degrees the day before.
yesterday was 38 degrees in the AM & upper teens by evening with
a nice snow shower just for good measure.
but hey...........it IS Jan. 

We have had a couple of good days playing around inside the house :-) DD Daisha
& the Max have been here since Tuesday after noon.. She teaches Gracie Algebra ..
YEA for me ! so they worked on that over 3 hrs yesterday & I concentrated on
making poly clay buttons.. I was thrilled with the wood-look ones for Gracie's cardi
I knit for her for Christmas. SO ..One good addiction leads to another. right ?
I made hers with a gold & slightly mixed it with a soft brown.. after rolling a folding
I just it into 1 Inch rectangles... TOO Cute ! Pictures to follow ..

I need to get more items listed on Etsy... just SO hard to get the right pics.. none I take seem
to really show them as cute as they are :)(
takes time I guess.
a lady in Israel is becoming a friend thru etsy & is helping me with picture ideas.
SO neat to meet ladys from all around the world .

best run..
hope all is well .

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