Oct 2, 2011

review of new catalog & Movie review ( No spoilers :-)

Hello :_)

I Hope everyone is doing great on this beautiful Sunday , it is just gorgeous here in Iowa today. I have to say after a super HOT summer with almost no relief , it is so nice to have 70's & low 80's.

Mom was doing great Saturday.. really no memory problems at all ,so  Jena & I left hubby home to watch the game & we took mom to see The Help downtown. Have you read the book or seen the movie ? I won't give anything away.. just to say , it was a great movie , a true Chick Flick.

Knitting :
I have almost completed another sock.. just working on the ribbing now. I have yet to try out my new Two at a Time Toe up Socks book by Melissa Morgan-Oakes. Have you tried 2 at a time. or used any of her books ? DO you even knit socks ? if you knit , you should give socks a try :_)
of course I have yet to wash the Shawl I knit with the beading :_) so pretty if I do say so myself..LOL
I have to get the pix of all the pink & blue baby hats too.. some how there just wasn't enough time this week..

Catalogs :
I received the www.Herrschners.com catalog Friday . Jammed packed with yarns. Not the Designer yarns , but hard working cottons , wools & acrylics.
They have Simply SO ft Caron in beautiful colors , 330 yd skeins , size  3 @ $199 . if you are looking to make some want super soft toys or blankets  Caron is what you need. I knit a little bear for my great nephew with Caron & oh........... so soft & huggable :_)
Cotton in a huge 2,400 yd cone in a 3-ply is $12.99 for size 20 .
Also  lots of cottons which are great for Dish Clothes, Sugar & Cream size 4  at $2.49 a ball. Have you seen the Scented Sugar n Cream ? sounds interesting. smells like , chamomile or rose petal, plus 5 other colors & scents .
The catalog offers crochet & Knit kits at reasonable prices too. easy to use. all the guess work is done for you :-)
They offer pom pom makers, Looms  the Martha Stewart version with patterns .. Weaving is sure making a come back, have you tried it yet ? On www.yarncraft.lionbrand.com episode 99 liz & Zontee explain different types of weaving looms , along with patterns..
You can really weave other items besides place mats :-) who knew ? LOL

well that is about it from me.. I hope you take a minute to drop me a line.
let me know if there is a K book that you want reviewed or let us know what books You find helpful & why ?

thanks for stopping by.. ( if you got this far :-) & hope to hear from you soon.

"glad you got to see me " :-) lisa

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