Sep 23, 2011

Ww2 & read at your own risk :-)LOL

Good evening..
I am enjoying all the new features on blogspot , Who knew folks from places like Russia & Brazil  were stopping by . LOL ?! cool :-)

Not sure if you read my bio..  am a Christian. I will make NO apoligies for that today or ever.
seems the PC crowd would like that. But to me that would be like standing in front of Christ & as they say.. "showing him my hand" . I would never .. so read my posts at your own risk.. :-)

I am in charge of the kitchen at church.. which means nothing more glamorous then I clean & make sure the pantries are full. :-) the church has an account with SAMS.. aka Wally world 2 :_)
I haven't been a fan of walmart for a very long time. that is a story I won't get into now .

Back to the event today :_) A nice young woman waited on us.. (we had  $ 200.00 of paper products , purchaed with donations from Church memebers !! hold that thought ))
As we were chatting she said the other clerk was afraid to wait on that guy over there.
 I said Oh. why is that  ?
she explained " For some reason he gets really mean to the clerks.throws a fit about waiting in line "
 I said " Oh.. that's too bad."
Then , (Forgetting I am NOT in a Christian store. :_) I said.. " You know what ? why don't you say ,. God Bless & have a great day ! when you ck him out. ? "
She looked shocked & said ," OH.  NO I don't think we are allowed to say that .!  probably what is wrong with the world , being SO PC "
Course my reply was " Yea. I don't go for ANY PC garbage.. "
she went on " I don't think we can even say Merry Christmas at Christmas time."
 I said " you know that is really sad.. And I think if the Gov & businesses are so against Christ they shouldn't get the day off paid. Let them work every "Holiday " ( derived for the words Holy Days ) !
She looked a bit shocked.. and afraid that we were even having this conversation.
IMagine.. Afraid to Talk about Christ. or Christmas .. IN AMERICA ? IN the Year 2011 ?
Sinful to say the least.
 I doubt the managment would fire her for talking about it w/me. But the PC police would be thrilled to KNOW SHE  thought so !

so what would you do ? would you continue to shop there. blow it off : Oh.. well , what is this world coming too ? LOL.. what can we do anyway.. And their Prices are so good.. ( NO they are NOT ))
So does it come back to the Almighty Dollar ? or standing for Christ? does it matter in these situations.. Does God Care about it at all ?  OR am I being foolish ?

This all got me to thinking.. WHY on earth  IF Sam Walmart was a Christian as reported did his
 Privately owned co. gone SO far Left?
& WHY is my church Supporting this behaviour ? Why are the Tithes from our members going to
support it ?

SO I am going to go to a local store & see if I can work a deal with the manager there & get bulk price on paper towels & plates.
I don't really appreciate driving to WW 2 anyway . I am HUGE on Buying local.. so this would fit right in .

OH, I forgot the rest of the story..
As Jena & I were walking out. we had to wait for traffic.. ( yea, they are SUPPOSE to wait for us :)
three young men drove by & yelled F---k YOU ! .. Jena didn't even hear him..
she said something to me . I said did you hear what he said. She said No.. I said GOOD thing..
A man about my age was walking beside us & turned & smiled & shook his head in agreement that she hadn't heard..
Have you seen the video on YouTube of Walmart shoppers .. gross pix But that song sticks in your  head !! LOL Thankfully we did NOT see any such thing at Sams :-)

well enough ranting.............. or not.. :-)
GOD BLESS you & yours..
on to knitting , Monk & coffee.



Bev said...

I think its sad that state that our country has come to. They can't say Merry Christmas in a lot of places here in Washington. People are very liberal out this way and growing in up in TN most of my life, Washington was quite a shock for this ole' country girl! LOL

I did want to share my thoughts though because I've been here with the whole not shop at stores that do this or that support contrary things to God. I had found out a few years back that a lot of companies gave money to the Homesexual groups, Pepsi, Walmart, Ford and on and on. I thought of boycotting them all, but then I realized that even my own power company could be involved and we couldn't go without power LOL!

So I came to the place where I realized that almost every company probably in some way, form or whatever, support something they shouldn't or have rules I don't agree with like the no Merry Christmas thing. We would have to go out of the world to get away from all this. If we boycott Walmart for that, we would have to do boycott all companies that do the same and what if our power company doesn't allow their employees to say it? Do we go without power? These are things I have thought a lot on. Sometimes being Amish doesn't look so bad these days haha, but we have to go out into the world and tell people about God. I realize this world is corrupt and on its way to hell and we are the last hope by sharing the gospel.

Well, my two cents but I'm like you and I will be saying Merry Christmas in a few months when I'm out! ;-)

gracielynn's said...
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