Sep 22, 2011

Beautiful day here on the 'west' coast of Iowa.. :-)

jena & I are still battling colds.. but hopefully we can be other this soon .. is there anything more irritating then a nagging cold?

I am knitting the second sock, Toe up..had a bit of what's know as second sock syndrome . but that is passing. I usually hurry & cast on so I have take along , easy knitting, BUT before you know it I am turning the heel & off to the finish line. Bummer.. again, I have sat & knit my TRAVEL knitting ..
ugh ! maybe I need to just leave it in the car.. ? nope.. cuz ............................ I want to knit it !:_)

we are still in the process of getting the pix of the other baby hats I knit.  all pink for girls & blue for boys. only variation is the pattern.. yes, if you're asking , they are good travel knitting  too. :-) so maybe i could leave one of those in each car. ? a great idea :_)

I have loads of wool to spin. but currently only ONE spindle..( I must buy some more.) the orange mix is so pretty , would make beautiful mittens or gloves.. I've only knit ONE pair of gloves so far , they were actually easier then I thoght they would be.. who knew ?

are you listening or watching any interesting podcasts you would like to share ?
one local lady has a great one called,

hope you comment with what you're working on. whether it be knitting or crochet. or Home redos.. always love those.
please give me the link to your blog too..

take care and enjoy the day the Lord has provided.

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