Oct 4, 2011

buying bulk ? ck this site out.


If you have ever wondered about buying in bulk.... & aren't sure where to buy.
I have always liked the company  linked above.

over 10 yrs ago I bought yeast in bulk.. I don't remember how many pounds :-) but I was told freezing it would keep it forever. I think I am down to a sandwich /ziploc now... but it still works as good as the day I bought it .

Now I am going to order
Dried Tom. powder ,22 oz for 12.49
 tapioca, 1 pound for 5.27
dried / sliced pototoes ,5 Pds for 17.00
& 22 oz of unflavored geletin for $ 12.37. ( a 1/4 tsp. equals ONE packet of the store brand. souns like super savings to me :-)

orders over 75.00 ship for 5.00.

recipes are also listed for many items..

ck the site out & see what you think. I know the site doesn't look all slick & glossy but if their products are what they used to be , it's OK with me :-)


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