Jan 25, 2011


do you listen to pod casts ?
I do when I have time. seems no one wants to talk . until I put the deal in my ear !
sometimes I just point to my ears in disgust.. come on people.

she-knitssmallalk is a good one.
ck out iTunes when you get a moment. you will find a lot of information on any subject that interests you. I tried to podcast once.. wasn't too bad.. but not sure where to go with it.
thought maybe jena could join in also .. so we'll see. the site i used is going to paid only.. and I won't pay for it .

I have had a yahoo group for ages.. years really..
but I think that is coming to an end.
just seems so many other ways to communicate out there now-a-days .

please feel free to ask questions or comment on my posts.. just so I know I am NOT the only one reading these.

I am trying something new with my Avon..
I am writing out monthly letters to go along with the books.
and adding a recipe to each. I hope they like them.
only heard from one that she did..

well take care & comment when you can..

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