Jan 24, 2011


good morning,

it's sunshine here today, well at least for the morning. it's suppose to be 32 also.
after the snow Saturday night we are ready for some warmer temps.

we plan on doing maths & grammar today. so that pretty much takes care of the morning :-)
Jena is doing all pre-algebra work at the moment. not too bad.
instead if doing each section in each chapter I test her on the review pages of each & then go back a redo the sections she had trouble with. a teacher advised me to do this , she said they did it all the time. sure does save time.. and it's a confidence booster for jena .

I spent an hour before jena got up reading about the UN's crap. ck it out on parentalrights.org.
SO much info there. be sure and ck out your state & see what progress they are making concerning this issue. We are about complete in child rearing.. but our concern is for our grandchildren and adult children that will , possibly, if we're not vigilant now, that will have to deal with it..

I am knitting the "traveling Woman " Shawl.. I have mixed reviews on it.
the lace bit is very pretty.. but how it will work exactly is a bit concerning.
i will have to ck out ravelry.com again & see the finished work. not a lot of finished projects on it that I could find.. it's winder then it is deep.. which is fine with me. but I have yet to really see that. I have no qualms with ripping it out if I'm not happy with the end results either.
which makes hubby & jena g scream ! LOL why they should care is beyond me .

well all take care & have a God Filled day !

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