Feb 4, 2011

how to make ?!

hope you are all well.

I was cleaning the oak doors on my kitchen cupboards the other day when I came upon a wonderful idea .. light bulb moment.
as I cleaned with regular dish soap in a bit of water , I wished I have some "Murphy's oil soap"..
seeing the veggie oil on the counter I had an idea.. yep, you guessed it..
I poured a bit of oil in the soapy water.. Worked like a charm !!
cleaned the doors & left a nice protective shine ! Yea. another money saving idea ,brought 2 u by me :-) remember the majority of the products on the market are just old ideas brought to many with a needless price tag..

any products in your cup boards that you could make ? look around , you'd be saving money & feeling pretty proud of yourself to boot..


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