Apr 9, 2010


Hello, all,

I talked to my niece Amy yesterday.. her aunt PAID the entire funeral for JoAnn ,
amazing !! some that have a lot of money are very generous. I am thrilled that JoAnn's sister was so loving !

It's sunny here today, which is always welcome in the spring.
jena & I are still doing school work. Working mostly on world history.. something she put off until the last 3 months. She wanted to learn ALL she could about OUR history , but has found out that her World History is kind of interesting too . Course she is up to date on all political stuff happening now. !! UGH !!

A few members of our church are building a 9-12 group.. naturally we are joining..
they offered the books : The 5,000 yr leap & The Constitution Made Easy for us to read & pass on. Also last evening we heard about the books : Original Intent, Wives of the Signers,
Lives of the Signers of the Declaration & The life and morals of Jesus of Nazareth ..
can't wait to read those.. Looks like we have our summer reading ready for us :-)

anyway.. I challenge you to do your part. Become a patriot , Stand for Something !
read all you can. KNOW the constitution !! call your senators and congress out on issues important to you.. be Salt and Light !
(If we are the body , why aren't are hands reaching....?)

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