Apr 1, 2010

a week has passed

jena & I went to visit my sil , Joann , Tuesday.
what can you say ? your words are a comfort.. but nothing can change it.. as much as you want it too. As much as you want to run back in time and take all the pain away.. As much as you want to wake up in the morning & realize it was all a bad, bad nightmare.. you can't..

So?? you go on. you love .. you hug.. you cry.. you listen.. mostly you cry ..

in our worldview it's SO hard to see the answer to WHY GOD ? in our hearts we know God is all powerful.. all loving.. only later will be see the Why.. and be glad.
right now it is pain.. God understands the pain.
esp. now at Easter time. God gave His only Son to die an incredibly painful death.. FOR US !

God Bless !

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