Apr 25, 2010



I don't know if I am going to get the hang of this Avon thing or not..
I bought a pair of sandals.. Avon doesn't carry 1/2 sizes in most of their shoes, so they advise you to purchase the next size up.. well .. of course those are TOO Big ! UGH !
then I went though the web pages to send them back. And I found out I am to pay over 4.00 to send them back..
SO , OK. when it's for me. But what if it had been for a customer ? I didn't see anywhere in their ? & answer area describing who foots that bill.. me or the customer.
So.. I don't know..
May keep the shoes.. may see if Daisha wants them. don't want to mess around sending them back.

rainy here today.. cold out too.. so sweater weather.. Church this morning.
a 90 th birthday celebration for a life long member of our church. He had some great pics of church members and him when he was a baby.. SO cute. He was crying in the front row :-)
circa 1921 ..Course Jena LOVED all the lady's dresses and beautiful hats :-)
speaking of old hats. we just bought her a beautiful vibrant blue pillbox hate yesterday to wear to our church's Lady's Day luncheon next Saturday :-)

we're still waiting for Menard's to deliver our drywall .. they must be busy today ..

talk to you all soon.

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