May 5, 2010


It has been a long time..

Last Sunday we took mom with to Daisha's in Lincoln..
Max had a soccer game in the afternoon, and it was Daisha's 31st b-day :_)
jena also was staying with them to help D get ready for the garage sale.

So we had a super nice time.. the weather was good & D was happy with her gifts.
Kim sugguested we take Rick's Ribs (Smoked Ribs0 for dinner..
Oh..they were SO good.. plus it gave Dustin a break from doing the grilling / smoking. He does such a fantastic job too.. quite the cook.

Kim and I worked on the drywalling.. we are super close to getting jena's room done.. what a difference it makes when you can't see through a wall :-)

well best run.. hope you are all having a great day !

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