Dec 6, 2016

hello ,

where has the time gone ?

here it is the end of 2016.... Christmas tree is up , two in fact. One by the front window with the usual bulbs & old memories. white lights & silver beads. The tree skirt I sewed 20 yrs ago is no worse for wear. the old antique Santa stands proudly between the wall & the tree , don't know where his light deal is ?
The tree was blessed , just today , with a new angel topper , it was really a steal at the local thrift shop :-)

The second is a woodland tree , standing about 6 feet tall , no lights, just standing tall with my grandfather's ornaments adoring each skinny branch.. I happened to run across the history of the 1940 bulbs , they started out as a German company & then WW2 broke out , that ended the production, or at least the importing to the US . An American company picked up the process & soon they were in every home. I LOVE the bulbs. some have Merry Christmas written on a red ball in white lettering. others are plain & tiny , about the size of a grape. of course the tear drops come in all colors & hues.
the tree didn't always stand in the dining room, most of it's life in our home was spent in front of the patio doors in the kitchen, covered in my mom's old cookie cutters & perhaps it will find it's way back there next year, but for now.. it seems happy in front of the corner hutch :-)

our Youngest daughter has been working at our county welcome center, they offer state travel advice & hand out a lot of free info . They are known for the Cherry Drink around this part of the state, she will offer you a sample if you stop by.
You wouldn't think this tiny , off the interstate info center & historical village would see a lot of world travelers, but they sure do. She is excited every time a family from Ireland ,Germany or England makes their way to her counter. The 'miles from home' visitors are always eager to tell their story & she is always eager to listen :-) Of course their stories are as different as the cities & villages they come from. she was very taken by a young Irishman , his accent she told me later was SO wonderful :-)
she also is just as happy to welcome US visitors. Bikers ,who strap everything needed to see the country onto their skinny bikes stop in for maps . Grandparents traveling with their grandkids to see the USA are always interesting :-) If you find yourself on the west 'coast ' of Iowa stop by, the Cherry Drink is always waiting.

well enough for today.
Please leave a comment below if you have enjoyed this bit of my story.
until next time.. May Our Lord richly Bless YOU .



Bev said...

Hey! I saw this pop up on my blog reader and I was like, I remember her! :) This is Bev, hope you remember me. I hadn't heard anything from you in a long time. Merry Christmas!

gracielynn's said...

Hey Bev.. I do

I know . as with all of us we get busy & forget to post :-)
I thought I would post & see if any of our old friends were still there .LOL
not that WE are old mind you .

we are home today.. the temps are staying below zero & dangerous.. so we opted to stay home from church, even a flat tire could mean frost bite ! staying warm tho. Pellet burner running , fireplace & of course the furnace ..

Hope & pray all is well with you ..
and have a Very Merry Christmas also !