May 1, 2014

Wow.. where has the time gone.
it has been ages since I posted anything.

I don't know where I left off.
the biggest thing to happen in our family is the going HOME of my mother..

Alice May (McElderry ,Smith)  Wede Born Dec 5th 1925
 went home to be with the Lord : May 4th 2013.

Has it been a year since I heard her voice ? or held her frail body to help her sit down or get up ? Has it been a year since she talked about wanting to go Home ? As I teared up she handed me a tissue & looked at me with caring eyes , as if to say.. What's the matter ?
she was a Wonderful Christian woman & she Knew where she was going.
Has it been a year since I did her washing ( & Hollered cuz I missed a tissue & all her clothes were covered in white fluff ! )
Has it really been 12 months since I said, Love you Mom , see you tomorrow  as I walked out of her nursing home room ?

Has it been two years since she lived here with my family & I had to coach her on using her walker & " Keep your head up Mom " as she carefully walked through my dining room to her room? When I had to sneak food to her :-) has it been two years since she said , " "Oh, Lisa , no.. I couldn't eat that " . but I ignored her & before long she had managed to down the sandwich & Ensure drink :-)
Have two years passed since she fell & skinned her arm ? since she learned she could no longer drive her car ? two YEARS , really ?
Has it been 2 years since my heart skipped a beat every time she was unsteady and I was afraid she'd fall ?
Have two years passed since I had her lay on the couch & I covered her head to toe with blankets ? she said , "Lisa, you are more like my mother then my daugher.. " I waited. She finished with a smile, "But thats ok " .

Has it been three years since she lived in her own home of 25 yrs ?
Has it been three years since she called & asked.. "are you home ?"
& then drove out for supper ? we would dash around & pick up the house of the lazy Sunday newspapers & shoes piled by the door :-)
Has it been longer still since she mowed her own lawn & planted & weeded her garden ? proudly showing off her tomatoes & flowers ?

Has it been a life time ?


Mom kept journals since 1956.. it is my honor to fulfill her wishes & copy them for the remaining siblings. The first books she used were Dad's from his days of selling Hail Insurance.
The sections she wrote about her daily life are small, 2 x 2 inches. But they are a life time. The price of groc. & the car payment :-) Who came to visit ( & there was ALWAYS a lot of company !) Dr. visits .. school picnics & sunday School . The deaths of friends.. the births of children & grandchildren. The running of the farm & the moves to new homes.

as my youngest daughter , Gracie & I read through some we noticed a theme running through. No matter the day.. be it stormy or sunny, a super busy day doing washing or the after noon visiting friends.. & shopping she ended most entries with :
" It was a very nice day ".

She was not perfect. no one but Christ is .. but she tried.. she was caring, she loved... We argued at times .. but that is life..

I hope if you still have your mother that you will kiss her more often.. speak kindly & don't argue :-) cuz does it really matter in the great scheme of things ?

If your Mom has gone Home too.. I hope you have good memories to see you through .............

Blessings, lisa

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