Sep 17, 2012

sad news yesterday


I wanted to let you all know.
yesterday afternoon my older sister Karen went to see her dd , Jeana
& found her dead in her living room . jeana was 42 .
thankfully Jeana's daughter , Brooklyn 10 yr , was at her dad's .
the medics think it was her heart.
she had had a lot of health issues since a terrible car accident years ago.

My sister & her hubby did everything for Jeana, & Brooklyn.

it is a sad time .

when my sil JoAnn walked in last evening & her & Karen hugged & cried.
it brought it all back. JoAnn had been married to my brother Dan , who died suddenly
2 yrs ago & Dan & JoAnn's Son , Rusty died 7 yrs before that in a car accident .

anyway.. it's rough.

I ask for prayers for us all. esp Brooklyn.. such a sweet little girl , she kept crying out
for her Mommie .. just heartbreaking.



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