Sep 11, 2012


Good Afternoon,

a sad word..
a word , that when heard in relationship
 to our friend's family , makes us sigh..

 No one is ready for a parent / mother to die.
No matter our age OR  their's.
Mothers have meant love , learning & tears.
Mothers taught us , prayed for us &
scolded us :-)
they are the ones we call with news ,First !
We spend our lives making them
proud .  We spend our lives , our entire
lives with our mom just a phone call

I am deeply sorry for my friend Mary.
I am sorry she has to go through this time.

We have to then use, the most important
lesson our mother's have taught us. Christ Lives.
There is real hope, Hope & faith in Christ.
yes, we will see them again without pain or fear.

Soon , I pray, the pain of immediate loss will
give way & happier times will be remembered.
Funny times & lessons learned
or Mom always said , "this or that" :)
That is a comfort , for Mary, for me
& I pray for you.

God Bless,

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