May 29, 2012

beautiful day


Jena had her dance recital this past sat.. it was fun & the 6 girls in her group did great !
they are growing together more & more &  I think that shows in their dancing.
because of recital , Daisha & Max came up & stayed until today.
we had a nice time , daisha & I laughed a lot working on craft projects for the sale..
Max made sure to keep jena & Grandpa busy , staying on the montra "Grandpa , we HAVE to get the pool up !" LOL

while daisha was here we worked on craft & sewing projects for the sale we're going to get a table at.. our town has a city wide garage sale Father's Day week end . our comunity center offered crafters tables inside that day too.. so we thought , Why not ?

So after D & M went home I cleaned , ran the sweeper & put loads of clothes on the line . our weather is super today.. 78 , a north wind & lots of sun :-)
picture perfect for sure. perfect day for clothes on the line :-)

I have a beef roast in the crk pot with pot. & Onion..
I made blender Yeast rolls , their rising in the microwave ..
I also made a pineapple upside down cake .
When you're out of all easy foods, milk, bread & hamb. you have to put more work  into it. I should have made this when daisha was here.. but I wanted to just be.. not be in the kitchen .. I wanted to craft & just have fun.. & I think we did .. LOL

well off to ck the rolls.. & the cake.

Hope everyone is having a great day too !

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