Apr 16, 2012

too many chiefs & not enough Indians ? maybe not


As I write this I am recovering from a busy week & a bit of illness.. & looking forward to a much busier week because of Prom.. Next Friday is is J Grace's first prom..
She is going to a Christian Prom.. she is very excited. Course she isn't going with a guy ;_) but with a friend , who like her , is just all girl. & super excited to go to a dance !!:-)
It is a masquerade , so she made her mask today.. just so pretty..I'll post a pic or two after the party .

Last Monday , my niece Ashley & my Daisha came here to cook together .
it was a bit of the unknown.. but lessons were learned & we all came away with some great freezer dinners.
I have decided that I am going to use my 6 meals for Sunday night dinners alone. That will make Sundays easier for me :-)

here are some pictures of us at work & at fun.. plus a baby sleeping on the dining room table .

aren't those boys the cutiest & don't look a bit devilish do they ? LOL they were both wore out from playing together all day :_)
see ya next time with baby chick pics :_)

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