Apr 7, 2012

waiting to get busy :-)


it's a cloudy , somewhat chilly morning here in Iowa. we need the rain tho, so not complaining..
rainy days are just made for baking & I have plenty of that to do.

what are you baking for Easter Dinner ?
will you be attending church this Easter? if you haven't been, now would be a good time to start or
re-start.. :-) Speaking of church.. J Grace sang for the Cross of Roses program last night. my aunt told her she gave her goosebumps ! :-) I know I wouldn't ever get on stage & sing , alone . thankfully J-Grace  loves to , even tho it makes her nervous/ excited . ( before testing she made up the word: excitvous.  :-) The Cross of Roses program was SO good. really made you feel like you were there . Wonderfully led by our churches retired pastor. just something about an old time pastor & the cross !

as I 'wait' to get things done round here , I have been cking other blogs. which are SO time consuming .. well you'll see once you click on a link .

This one has a a super easy Apple Leather recipe .

this one offers a link party.. SOOOO MAny ideas from other bloggers listed.. beaware tho, you may be sitting 'waiting ' to get busy too ! LOL

and yet another.. LOL

SEE ? I told you so..
now dash off & get busy ! or better yet.. "wait " :-)


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