Mar 29, 2012

some projects :-) & life in Pictures :-)

one of my first knitted Hanging kitchen towels & dishcloth .

Grandma Alice's China looks lovely on Daisha's Thanksgiving table :-)

my simple fingerless mitts :_) love that yarn..

OUR SIXTEEN 5 - 6 Yr olds !!
do they look innocent ? LOL .. yep, that's the only thing that saves 'em :-)
in this picture we were still all elbow to elbow on one table. Later I was given another table Bigger then this one.. SO the two tables were both FULL !
today is the first day we don't have KICKS .
ok. after all my whining , I have to say I will miss the little tyrants :_)

Big dog Little Ricky & Mommy the cat insist on being around jena.. everytime she sits down :-)

one of our two snows of the year . photo by jena grace :-)

my niece Ashly & her baby Liam :_) IN the hat & sweater I knit him..
He was a big boy from the start. & is 3months old now & has outgrown his sweater. LOL

Two of jena's Photos :-)

 poly clay buttons I made.. my first attempt ! love how they look like wood. worked beautifully on
jena's cardi I knit too.

green bean on sale.. so I bought a lot & froze 'em :-)
 a new front porch light :-) ! YEA..

Two of Jena's sunsets.
This one looks like a church off in the distance.. But's 
it's just a bird house on our fence .

jena & I ready for church on Christmas :_)

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Nicole@Thrifty Decorating said...

Thanks, Gracielynn, for your thoughtful comments! :) And I am almost 41...which makes me old for a youth pastor's wife!