Nov 14, 2011


Oops ! well I had jena's sweater worked past the sleeves & had to frog it.. bummer..
but hey, it's such a fast K, so  I am 4 " s into it already..

mom is doing some better.. we took her off the really nasty meds.. which is causing her to loose too much weight.. she is down below 110 pounds ! UGH !
So the Pharm. ordered her a powder you mix with whole milk.. she said she had purchased it for a cancer patient & he gained 10 pounds :-)
So certainly should be good for mom.
the Pharm is delivering it to her apartment today. I  think at this point she will drink it no matter the taste :_) she wants to gain at least 10 pounds.  I agree :-)

I went to ck out my favorite video cast today.. oops too early I guess.
have you cked out  ? they are so cute & fun. really a day brightener for sure.

well supper/ tea :-) will be hamb gravy over mashed potatoes tonight.. ( tea reference for my NZ friend ))
MUST BuY groc. SOON .......................
funny tho.. my dad ( rest his soul ) always said " when mom's out of groceries she cooks better :-)"
meaning.. if you have to make it ALL homemade with things you have on hand.. you can be pretty creative.
the other night I was not at all sure what we were going to have. Hubby Kim found precooked hamb. & Cheese in the freezer.. he said you have flour don't you ? I said Yea.............. so why not make Pizza ?  SO jena & I did.. See.. much better for us then Pizza hut.. & no one had to run to town or anything.. just the smell of pizza baking in the oven.. Yum..............

well enough for now.
take care.. & remember to be Christ to others today :-)

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