Nov 5, 2011

do YOU ?

What a beautiful day it was in Iowa.. well , this entire week was wonderful..  even the huge  , but short lived blizzard we had on Tuesday. which of course followed a 75 degree day :-) typical for the midwest.

I have some good news.. Mom is doing a lot better.. I think,  know the prayers have worked wonders.
she may not get fat again. :_) but she is going to live .. live the days God has intended, rather then sit & wait for Him to come calling .. LOL.. not that she was totally down every day , but she has certainly got her spunk back. ( & u wondered where I got mine :)

I have completed the hat & mitts for Daisha's dear friend who is going thru cancer treatment.  Sure hate that ..I said a prayer for her as I went along.. so they are 'stuffed' with blessings .

Jena Grace purchased a mini counted cross stitch this past week, her first try at it.
( I gave it up yrs ago.. I hated counting the tiny squares ! UGH !) J-Grace was a bit upset to start with , but after a couple re-starts she cheerfully said ' I think I got it !' :_)

Daisha has been busy crocheting a blanket for Max for Christmas.... which reminds me I need to purchase some sock yarn for his 'football' socks :-)
DO you have your Christmas gifts completed ?
Tonight I bought the Berroco Vintage DK for J-G's cardi ..shh it's a Christmas gift :_)..yea.. like she won't see me knitting it.. She chose the colorway : Chocolate .. I am going to knit it , top down , raglan sleeves. Should go pretty fast & the pattern lends itself to changes. which I love.

I'm also going to try my hand at needle punch embroidery.. have you tried it ? I watched a video on youtube .. seems pretty easy..& looks very pretty when completed.. I purchased a three needle set at Hobby lobby with my 40% off coupon ..:-)

I haven't done a lot of spinning this week. Have you ? I have plenty of roving yet to spin.. but that's ok. I love working with it & so don't want to rush thru it.:-)

off to get mom's dinner I made for her in the freezer....... if a few of us kids would just make an extra meal a couple times a week.. she'd have a freezer full of "real" food in no time :-)

well.. please leave a comment to let me know what u have been working on.
i hate to 'talk' to myself :_)

God Bless..


Anonymous said...

you are not talking to your self, mom!!

gracielynn's said...

Thanks Daisha :_)