Dec 16, 2010

Christmas is almost here :_)


Last evening we were showered with ice & snow pellets. makes for a scary drive home for many.
Lots of accidents were reported too, raining Ice is no fun on windshields .
Thankfully Hubby made it home safely.

we had a nice warm supper & then watched "The Christmas story ". Hubby joked , we should wait for Daisha, isn't this her favorite movie ? ( NOT !)

Have you completed all your shopping , how about your decorating & baking ?

I'm afraid I have not. :-) but the last minute rush is fun,, isn't it ?

this year I decided not to put up a lot of my old decorations. yea for me !
But .......... that did limit what I had to put up, so , decorations are a bit sparse.
I also didn't want a lot of non-Christmas stuff up.. I do have a collection of Santas..
they are currently residing on the fire place in the dining room.
I would love to have true Christmas items like a Nativity Set. Can you believe I don't even own
one ? I know! over the years the girls have both been given a set by my mom.. so we put those up.
So that is something to be in search of :-) If I had realized I could have bought a HUGE set at the thrift store.. they wanted a pretty penny for it ..but it certainly was worth the above normal thrift store prices ! 75.00 I think it was. but it was beautiful and HUGE.

today is a day of Schooling.. & cleaning.. a load of jeans sets in the washer.. & the carpets certainly need vacuumed ..
possibly the old bananas will be made into delicious b-bread :_) yummy..

may you all have a Blessed day .
PS .. be careful with space heaters. I hung curtains between out dining room and kitchen.. so pretty... well the space heater sets just inside the family room.. and wouldn't you know it.
the dog ran thru the curtains and of course I smelled something funny............ well.. it was the bottom of the curtain ! Thank GOD it just melted & didn't go up in flames.
be careful out there ladies ..

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