Nov 20, 2010

Knit or Crochet ?


well we had our 3rd k & C group. we had a great time..
I was esp. happy to have my friend Cindi show with her granddaughter Addi..
Addi was SO good.. she spent alot of time threading foam beads onto a string.. Very good
hand eye coordination for a 2 yr old.
after about an hour jena took her over to books & kids tables.. she loved that. jena said she had to try every chair & table out too..
Cindi wanted to learn the magic loop so I taught her that.. it all comes naturally to her tho..
so she is easy to teach.

The ladies that help with the Hospital Aux. gave me some yarn & a pattern to knit some wash cloths .. one lady was embroidering tea towel with really cute heart patterns for them also.
so fun to see all the ladies working on so many deverse projects.
the weatehr was a beautiful autumn day too. lots of sunshine & warmish temps.

today is very chilly outside. highs in the low 30's if we're lucky.
only thing we have to go to town for is Jena's Christmas program practice..
so we're glad of that.

talk soon. lisa

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