Feb 4, 2010

Avon Calling

Avon calling ,

Hello ,
I have decided to have an Avon Website.
Not going door to door, but if you are interested in Avon. ck the site out.. and if you are so inclined to purchase.. consider purchasing through my site,
IF you don't already have an Avon lady.

I am a bit excited about it.. even tho I am a VERY independent person and I don't like to be told what to do :-) LOL . I am going to try this.. if they are too pushy .. then it won't be for me.
My love is Knitting.......... but currently that doesn't contribute to the family budget , in fact.. it takes away from the budget ! LOL !

My friend , Camilla signed up after me.. so I get paid for her signing up :-) plus my dear daughter Daisha has already set her sights on some items.. so it's going pretty well .

The link is under the title to this eml.
thanks SO much.. !!

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sorry about that.. for some reason I thought when the page ASKED for a link. it would naturally show up ! silly me LOL