Oct 4, 2009

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Well it's been a while..
We have been busy with school, having the hubby's family over for Christmas in Sept. Orthodontist appointments.. Knitting.. Baby sitting my greatest nephew , Owen.. IS anything nicer then rocking a baby ? Certainly NOT !

Our family Christmas was fun and well worth how wore out we were the following day :_)
Loads of fun tho.
Bon fire.. eating on tables in the front yard. Way too much good food. Daisha and I debated about how many pork roasts to cook. I think we did 3.. Still That was too much. But hey . Her and I both had some for the freezer. Fresh canned pickles by me and Kim’s sister , Diane.. Oh so good.

I had hoped we could eat on ONE long group of tables on the front porch.., very “country home” ish .
BUT the flies were HORRID ! so ..next best thing was in the grass.. surprisingly the flies were not as interested in us there..
Kim was able to find a 5 gal. bucket of goodies fresh from the garden for Diane to take home too.

Speaking of gardens.. Ours is done. Dried up and wilted beyond all semblance of a garden. ..
But every dog has it’s day , so they say.. And it’s day is has come.
I had intended on taking progress Pics .. One pic of the garden every week from the same vantage point..
Well you know how long that lasted.. NOT long enough.. J I will post a pic or two of the garden as it was growing.. And one final one of it’s last hurrah !

We have amassed quite a bit of wood for the winter.. It never seems like enough to me tho . At this point in the year I am just thinking of high electric & propane bills. So More and MORE wood for the fireplace seems necessary.. As always .. Hubby thinks it’s plenty :_)

I have been knitting a simple. Knit two purl two deal.. It currently looks just like a rectangle of ribbing..
But eventually it should resemble a shrug of sorts.
I had copied the pattern from a book I no longer have.. And wouldn’t you know it.. The Second time I went to work on the lace bit that will surround the edges.. (worked separately & then sewn on ) I lost the pattern !
SO I have reserved it at the libr. We will make a trip to town to get that Monday morning.
The book is “Knit 2 together by Tracey Ullman and Mel Clark.. I know .. ? Tracey Ullman.? But yep. She is an avid knitter.. SO with her humor and Melanie’s talent the book is a joy.
Hum????????? Might make some one a Grand Christmas Gift ? Just saying . …….

I had best cut this short.. And get on with posting it to the blog . Along with pics.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day / week.

ps.. forgot to say the kids had fun with ballons too. & grandpa and Max built a goal post for the 'football' field Hubby painted on the yard :_)

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Christian Homekeeper said...

Looks like you all had fun! :) Have a great week! ~Bev