Sep 15, 2009

heading out for the day


Jen and I are heading out to her orthod. app. at 3..
first we are stopping by my niece's to return Owen's porta bed thingy..
His pic is in the last post.
thought I would 'trick' him into a LONG nap.
Nope.. he tricked me ! only an hour:-)

then we're on to visit my other niece , Amy..and her Nolan..
they just moved into a different house.. so nice for them.

then we're returning libr. books and eating lunch.. then onto the orthod.

SO I need to get off here and get a roast in the crk pot for supper.
may you all have a Blessed & Glorious day !!
Pic of us at the Farm Days in Shelby , Iowa.

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