Jun 1, 2009

knitting anyone ?

I picked up a few great knitting books at the libr. Friday..
And as always I couldn’t wait to get home & read them !
Books about knitting come in second to actually knitting. Don’t ya think?;_)

The first one I sat down with was KNit 2 TOGETHER by of all people Tracey Ullman !! & her friend and fellow knit obsessed yarn store owner, Mel Clark.
TO my great surprise the usually wacko Tracey was a real hoot .
The book is part story… with lots of great patterns snuck in.
Little hints scattered here and there throughout the book I found very helpful.
Some are so easy and sensible that you have to wonder to yourself. Why didn't I think of that!
My favorite is… When you knit your swatch… (I KNOWL but you Must)
Leave a longer tail when you bind off. TIE the number of Knots in the tail that correspond with the size needles you used… how clever!
The patterns are all designed by Mel as far as I can tell.
Very worth the cost of the book.. Or at the very least a Ck out at the Libr.

Another book I picked up Friday , was KNITTING AMERICA, by Susan M Strawn..
One thing I found quite wonderful were all the pictures throughout.

Also it’s funny how a few generations removed think they have designed a new pattern. Seems there really isn’t anything new under the sun J take the easy, beginner, Wristlets for example.
Turns out the pattern probably is older then WW 1.
On page 95 you’ll find the pattern ., seems to come from :ART in KNITTING , 1917.
Sent out by The Red Cross .

Something to think about .
Hope you get a chance to view these two sometime.


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