Jun 1, 2009


Well ,.. we're gearing up for a nasty storm.
Not that we won't use the rain :-)
Kim brought home river rock from Bomgaars tonight. so after supper we emptied 10 bags in the flower bed in front of the porch , neck to the sidewalk. I'll get pics tom. Sure hope this keeps out the ckens ! they love to dig up my hostas !

Well just thought I would keep in touch. I haven't posted a lot of personal stuff lately , sorry about that. Just too busy to do much other then post info I think is important, but not nec. FUN !

I have been knitting a sock I just found in a little Vogue knitting book.
It is the first one I have seen that is knit flat then sewn together on the sides.
I'll post pics tom. when I get it sewed up . I realize I should have two at once. That was you get the second sock ! :-)

Jena & hit the meat sale at the No-Frills today.. I told her I didn't want to stop at the thrift. She said , Mom , you never know, you might find the size One k-n you need. SO.. I gave in .. Well I did find ONE needle in a size ONE :_) I bought it along with a set of twos.. and a cable needle. I spent 1.83 ! SO not too bad :-)

Hope you have a great day too .

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