May 11, 2009

fema camps ?

I've included a picture of my cardi.. I'm getting there !! I am at a bit of a snag at the moment. I ended up hounding my hubby about the directions he HATES to hear knitting directions.. knit one purl two.. drives him nuts ~:_)
Then I called my oldest dd , who is a beginner knitter.. LOL ! SHE said mom, just call Melanie !!
Thankfully I ended up doing just that !
I cked on cost through Vonage to phone across the world to New Zealand :only .06 a min.YEA !! Poor Mel.. looks like I will be calling her more often !LOL

We had a wonderful Mother's day Sunday..
After the church we drove to Blair and went to a really nice restaurant.
The neatest thing was a couple from our church were right in front of us.. we we all sat together. nice to get to know them.

We then went to mom's for coffee & chatting.
we came home mid afternoon.. Kim & Jen washed my van.. ck ed the oil and all .. ready for our little road trip tomorrow. I will be taking Jen to meet up with Daisha .. and she will stay there a couple nights.. then they are all back on Wed. :-)

I hope you all are having a great Monday !:-)

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