Feb 18, 2009

pics of old mixer,, it's Pink :-)

pics of my hits yesterday !:_)
Some great gingham fabric.. A Great old sewing box, so clean and neat.
Of course my new Pink mixer ! jena G researched it online & found out it was made in the '60's :-) Nice decade if I do say so myself :-)
the pics of the other stand mixer is one I have had for ages. I bought it on a sale at a neighbors.
Turns out it had belonged to an old friend of my sister's.. who had died in a car wreak years ago.. I asked my sister if she wanted it and said Oh.. no. But nice to know you have it.
Remember the game.. which picture doesn't belong ??LOL
Well.. I just had to throw in the picture of Duchess .. our fat cat :-)

God Bless, Lisa


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