Feb 18, 2009

has any one tiled a counter before ?

Wondering if any of you have tiled a counter before. I really , REALLY want to do mine.. Esp. my island .. it's so big and so gets noticed first off. SO I would love to tile it.. probably add a wood border..

We're still planning on getting the old wood floors out of a house my hubby's brother is tearing down..
But not sure if we will use it for flooring.. Hubby , Kim, was not too into that. But like I told him. it would make great wainscoting in the basement.. really add some personality :_)
Plus we're planning on getting the banister & post.. so we could add those for interest too..
ESP. since their free.. just labor.. :-)
I thought about making some more hearts like jena G's .. I had a bit of fabri I had quilted with no plans on what to do with it.. SO I used that today to cut out some hearts.. Worked slick as a whistle ! Now to finish them ..
I also included pics of the fireplace.. the little chair and the isale were thrift finds a couple weeks ago L:-)
well off to eat something !!

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Christian Homekeeper said...

I've never tiled a countertop before, but I just wanted to say I like your kitchen! :)