Jun 19, 2012

chickens chickens everywhere :-) & what ya knittin' ?

 I was sitting here searching the net for Yarn stores in Des Moines Iowa.. we're heading that way Wed. morning.
http://www.knittedtogether.com/Store/pc/home.asp one to ck out perhaps.

what I'm knittin's
I am not too far past the first 4 inches.. but so far not a bad knit. anything top down , I like. Ok, not in socks, but you know :-)

And I must admit my eyes got a bit too heavy to stay open ..
Oh well we all need a cat nap from time to time.
I NEVER get more then 20 min , max.. nope never .. I must just be wired to WAKE up in 20 min.. LOL

Not sure I shared this http://www.justapinch.com/groups/browse/list web site with you before but it is sure fun to look through. seems just about ANY recipe you are in need of can quickly be found here. Sign up & get to know some ladies.. I think it is fun to talk to other homemakers/ cooks from other parts of the country..

Our hens have been spending their spring sittin' on eggs..:-)
& with great succuess.. we now have 14 more to add to the flock . & thankfully
all good 'mother hens " :-) we're hoping for more hens then roos, hens to lay eggs to sell but then roos would be nice in the freezer. IF we don't name 'em all :-)

Just cking in & hoping you all are having a great day & perhaps a bit of a cat nap to..

DROp me a comment if you can ..let me know if you like the web sites I posted. & waht are you knitting ?

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