Mar 15, 2012

myo white sauce

as you can tell I have been a bit busy.. so haven't posted in a while. I still intend to move my blog
to get away from google:-)
Wanted to get one of my favorite recipes posted for you.

white sauce mix:
2 cups dry milk
1 cup flour
2 teaspoons salt
1 cup butter.
Cut butter into dry ingred. & store in airtight container. lasts 2 months. ( I Store mine in Frig). Makes 8 cups of Basic White Sauce.
too use :
1/2 cup of mix too 1 cup of water. heat & Stir until thickened.
use for cream of cken soup, corn chowder,chicken roll ups, potatoes au gratin.
taken from Make a Mix cookery.1978 :-)

as alternative to using the dry milk.. just mix the other ingred. & then use MILK instead of water when you cook it.:-)I don't always have dry milk on hand..

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