Feb 6, 2012

learn from me , to save some grief !


I am going to make up a new blog.. probably on wordpress. but really still cking .

wow.. will this heavy fog ever lift ??? hubby works about 10 miles away,
on the bottom land ,LOL, & he said the sun is shining here !
well lets hope it comes out here in the hills , soon .

what an experience I had on etsy.
 I am done with it now & any thing she writes to me from now on will
go directly to etsy.com.
lessons learned :
1) make sure you have the Correct eml address for your paypal acc. if someone
wants to pay you :_)
2) as the BUYER , MAKE SURE YOU Have the correct Address in YOUR
account if you would like the item sent to you !
3) READ  the sellers re-turn policy BEFORE you purchase !
I have never seen a seller offer to return SHIPPING costs !
because most sellers guess on postage price & in MY case it cost MORE then I
charged , not even taking into account packaging $ .
4) Save all correspondence ,so there aren't any questions later :
he said , she said crap.

best run.. have more items to add to etsy.

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aloneontheprarie said...

And I just moved my blog over from Wordpress (what little I had *sigh* Guess I'll consider moving it back.