Dec 17, 2011

Mascot found !L)(


DD Grace & I went shopping today ..course we had to buy house hold stuff like Chicken 'fluff' ( pine shavings for Cken coop ) & cat food.. you know the unfun stuff.
fun stuff was the 5 hens hubby picked up today from a friend at work.
aw.. they are just SO cute.. fat , round & curious ..Our only hen, Somebody, wasn't sure what they were all about ,, LOL. I let her into the coop & kept the 3 roos out.
somebody stopped at the coop door , the 5 new hens walked over to the door & looked her over too..
LOL.. I think SB was thinking, WOW.I hope their not ALL roos ! LOL.. pretty soon , with the door shut, the hens started talking amongst themselves :_) course Somebody's Roo : Troy , was not happy.. he dashed round the coop & jumped in the yard & back out.. poor ole roo..
The other two beautiful roosters will be culled soon. they just fight too much for comfort.
besides.. it will be nice to just have 6 hens & ONE roo for a change.

On to shopping story .
grace & I stopped a semi-local shop that is just SO beautiful ! my goodness ! We felt like queens LOL. Everything sparkled & the owner was SO nice . I told her I had driven by for Years , and today I said We're stopping ! & boy were we glad we did.. she was very , very welcoming & glad we stopped, wished us a MERRY CHRISTMAS !! YEA !! & we even had a small cup of spiced cider.. yum.. YOU know we will shop there again & again :-)

that is the main difference between a small town shop & the local wally world !
there is a place for super stores, but don't make it your ONLY shopping stop.
rather, then teach your kids that shopping is not all about running around & just slamming through a store , teach them neighborly visiting & slow down , enjoy once in a while .

Please , if you can, stop by the little shops. let them know how glad you are that they are there.

Ok.. The Bothered Sheep ! I love that name.. & someday when I have my own shop , I will name it The Bothered sheep.. well today I found my mascot .. it was a fluffy sheep with long wooden legs & tennis shoes ! LOL. I would say he is on my buy-in-Jan. list for sure :-)

well enough blabbing from me.
God Bless ! and MERRY CHRISTMAS..
now go relax & enjoy a cup of cocoa or a glass of wine..

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