Dec 12, 2011

Gifts from the Heart

Good Morning,

It is a warmer day here in Iowa.. :-) when the snow is melting in Iowa in December , I am a happy lady .LOL

I have completed my oldest daughter's gift , my grandson's gift & my hubby's knitted gift ;-)
course the only one that will be a total surprise is my oldest daughters .. the other two had to do 'try ons' as the knitting progressed :-) but the love its there just the same :-)

I don't have a lot of knitted items up on the shop . or on my etsy shop.. you'd think I sew more then I knit . since I pixed up the needles a few yrs back, after a 25 yr hiatus ! I have sewn only a few times a year. mostly to teach my youngest dd . knitting is relaxing , challenging & portable..
when I sewed I was in the back bedroom & away from everyone :-) not that hubby minded me not controlling the Tv :-) I just enjoy being out of the back room.
Course their are days , when hiding back in my sewing/craft room is just what I need :-) LOL.

today we have to wrap a couple gifts. Gracie made a necklace for a friend at Art class, & the three girls in class each drew a part of a puzzle for their teacher. when framed all together it is SO neat .  Each girl did something SO different. one drew a beautiful horse in a meadow. my grace did an abstract with lines & circles in black & red  & Rya did a brightly colored flower in yellow & red.
 I'm sure their teacher will love it :-)

To me , gifts from the heart are the best Christmas gifts. when I knit for  a person I often say a prayer for them.. asking God for His Continued blessings in their lives.. I pray it 'shows' in the finished product. :-)

well enough from me ..
Please comment so I know you're out there !!
And God Bless you and yours today .

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