Nov 28, 2011

busy day :_) & shows I watch on Youtube. who needs Cable ?!


Wow , what a busy day.. beautiful sunshine & NO wind. picture perfect..

If you cked it out.. I entered a lot of sewn items to my other blog.
I have had over 100 hits today.. but no sales .
after this is done I may enter them on my etsy page also.. not sure.
doing it this way saves me money , which in turn saves the buyer money, we all love a bargin , don't we?

jena gracie had her hair colored today. looks so good. she always gets a bit of blonde & a bit of red.. she said :here I am all prettied up with no place to go !:)

I ordered tickets today .. part of jena's Christmas gift .. so we are going to see the Nut Cracker :-)! yea.. can't wait!! I think the last live show we attended was a high school play :-)

I have been sitting with my mini on my lap while I knit.. I am addicted to BBC shows. I just found two really neat ones. esp if you like the 1940's.
here is a link to them . ck them out .
boy with youtube & netflix we don't need cable :-)

Bless me Father :

Good night sweetheart :

 hope you have a great week.. let me know if you are interested in any items I have listed :-)

 until next time.

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