Jul 8, 2011

what a summer ?!


What a deal here in Iowa.. MANY families have had to move out of their homes either b/c the flooded Missouri has reached their homes OR b/c it Might !
many that have been out of their homes for a month are starting to move back home. not completely , but with the essentials .. I don't blame them. they have either lived with family or small apartments or even their campers ..
& in normal floods , only those that live in the flooded areas would be effected. BUT this one is EPIC & Caused by poor management of the Damns on the MO. , so that means I-29 has been closed in many areas which means many that work over the river , can't get to work unless they drive over an hour & half.
Thankfully Hubby's job provides rooms in the Plaza in Omaha .. he has had to use it a few times cuz the DOT put up HUGE sand/ rock bags along hwy 30 ( Between Mo Vally & Blair NE. ) which is doing a great job of keeping the water off the road.. they only have to close for a couple days at a time to set the bags up.. today the hwy is open again , so he can come home:-)

Mom is living here , straight out of the nursing home. SHe has made lots of improvements in the weeks she has been here.. BUT even if her home wasn't in the flood plain , not sure if she would be going home alone.Course she is getting antsy about driving again. Not sure that would be wise .. :-)

so ..what is happening in your area ? please comment & let me know if you have a blog I can follow :-)

today mom is going out with my brother , so jena & I are heading out too.. we hope to have lunch with hubby .. but he will probably be too busy ..

hope you are all well.. talk to you soon.

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Bev said...

So sorry to hear about the flooding!

We finally got some sun and hot weather here for a few days but today is back to cloudy. We are getting ready for family visiting in a few days! :)