May 31, 2011

such a beautiful day

wow.. just picture perfect weather today.. SO glad I am no locked in an office today ..
70's & No humidity.. perfect for Iowa ..

i am having some trouble with this blog. 'it' lets me post when it feels like it & won't keep me signed in ! UGH @!
if any of you know why this is happening , let me know ..


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Bev said...

If it won't keep you signed in, is something erasing your "cookies" in your browser? Sometimes when I run scans on my computer, it will remove my stored cookies and log me out of various things in my browser.

Also, just FYI, blogger has been having issues the past few weeks. I wasn't able to even sign in to one of my blogs for a while. Then it got fixed. You can always check the blogger status page or the known issues page they have.

Hope that helps some!

Sounds like a perfect day - send us some sun here in rainy Washington lol! ;-)