Mar 31, 2011

some pictures


I have struck up a friendship with a gal from Scotland who does her own podcast..

it took a bit to get used to her heavy accent.. but she is well worth listening too.. check it out.

ANYWAY.. I was saying.. I took some pics to send to her & thought I might as well post them here too.

some of the chickens: which are hard to get pics of on the mini.

and a couple of the puppy: who is at 112 pounds now.. he 'gets' to spend the days outside.. and evenings & nights inside.. pretty spoilt pup..

currently he is scared to death of momma kitty ! he won't even walk past her.. so the other night he laid by the front door whining & barking. Jena went in after a while to see what was the matter.......... Momma was sitting between puppy & the kitchen.. LOL he wouldn't pass her for anything ! :-) so funny..

I mistakeningly posted two of the same pic.. :-) I made a drop spindle for spinning.. :-) love was made from tonka toys & old cds.. LOL


well post a comment or a link to your blog. we'd all love to see it !


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