Jan 5, 2011

tooth pulled

it has been many many years since I have had a tooth pulled
bad part was I had a pretty bad infection before I went in.
I questioned the surgeon about antib. BEfore surgery, but he just mumbled that he'd write me a prescription after.
well for future reference. NEVER get a tooth pulled w/o taking antib. first.if you have to go to your dentist & get them, do it.
he gave me an antib that was not strong enough, so by the end of the second day the infection was spreading.. last night we went to the late night clinic & she changed by meds to a super powerful one. what I didn't realise is that the infection was spreading to the lymph nodes..

anyway.. with just ONE dose of this med I could see a difference. not even 24 hours on the meds & boy is the swelling going down.

I should have listened to my instincts & chgd the date of the surgery & had my dentist give me the RIGHT antib.

live & learn. thankfully, live :-)

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